How to setup MVC

Using this framework, setting up MVC is a pretty easy process.

Let's have a look at the folder structure:

The main folders to focus on are:

Foldername Purpose
app backend files (all the php stuff)
public frontend files (css, images, javascript etc)

We will get to both of those later on

Foldername Purpose
rest Used to do some api testing, we can ignore this for now.
sql Used as a place where you can save your mysql files. The file (part1.sql) that is in there is used for the demo projects.

The files in the root folder are used as follows:

Filename Purpose
.env This is used to read your DB credentials and other info that needs to be secure
.gitignore Ignore all the setup files that can be run remotely
.htaccess There to route all the controller paths
composer.json Install php composer packages, we only use this for env files for now
env.example an example for when the .env file is ignored, which it should be default readme file

Public Folder

In the public folder we have 2 files at the base:

  • .htaccess - used for routing of url paths
  • index.php - used as a base, but not edited

The index.php contains very little php:

    $init = new Core();
  • Core is a class which is defined in the app/libraries folder.

  • bootstrap.php is a file that sets up a number of php files we want to import, but we don't want to expose the paths of those files to the public.

  • The other folders are just placeholders for any assets that are needed in the project.

  • To link to any of those files we do need to use some special (sort of) php syntax, but we will get to that later.

App Folder

The app folder is where all the magic happens. It is also the folder we hide from the public, because all our server side code is there.

Let's go through the folder / file structure

  • Here you will see bootstrap.php. If you have a look at that file, you will just see that it imports a bunch of other files.

  • The helper folder contains some helper files, we will reference to them later.

  • The libraries folder contains the foundtion of the framework so look, but don't touch :smile:

The models, views and controllers folder carry the respective files to make up the different webpages.

Which we talk about in the next section.